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Wooden Door Glazing

Wooden Door Glazing

Wooden Door Glazing Price Calculator

Wooden doors can be manufactured with or without glass. Glazing units of various shapes and sizes can be chosen to achieve the required look of wooden doors. Select the desired double glazing or triple glazing units for wooden doors to calculate the price.

  • Select “No glazing”, if you need a solid wooden door without glass.
  • Select “Clear float glass”, in order to calculate the price of the standard door glazing. Double glazed unit includes one spectrally selective low-e pane, while triple glazed unit includes two spectrally selective low-e panes. Cavities are filled with argon gas. Economy Class triple glazing is 36 mm wide, while Passive House Class triple glazing is 44-52 mm wide.
  • Select “Frosted glass”, in order to calculate the price of a door glazing unit which includes one frosted pane for increased privacy. Check the image gallery below for examples.
  • Select “Tinted glass”, in order to calculate the price of a door glass unit which is darker in colour. Tinted glass may be used in double glazing and triple glazing; in both cases there is only one tinted glass pane. Tinted glass is a popular choice for entrance doors and commercial buildings.
  • Select “Decorative glass”, in order to calculate the price of a textured glass, etched glass or painted glass unit. Double glazing and triple glazing include only one decorative glass pane. You can select from a number of different decorative glass designs. The price calculator selects the cheapest option. Check the image gallery below for examples.
  • Select “Safety glass”, in order to calculate the price of toughened or laminated door glazing for increased safety and security. Double glazing units work best if a combination of one toughened pane and one laminated pane is chosen. If you choose triple glazing, two outer panes will be laminated glass.
  • Select “Solar control glass”, in order to calculate the price of a double glazing or triple glazing which has one or two clear panes and one pane with a special coating that prevents the solar heat from entering the room.

If you are interested in other types of door glazing for wooden doors or wish to know the prices of non-standard sized door glass, please contact our staff. In case you have any questions regarding door glazing, please send us an e-mail

Wooden Door Glazing Prices

Wooden door glazing prices depend on the size, shape and type of glass units used. The table below illustrates how prices differ for selected wooden door glazing types. Prices may change, so here we provide a general comparison only. The division is analogous for double glazing and triple glazing.

Glazing Type Price
Clear float glass Cheap
Decorative glass Low price
Tinted glass Medium price
Solar control glass Medium price
Frosted glass High price
Safety glass Expensive

Wooden Door Glazing Benefits

Wooden Door Glazing Thermal Properties

There are certain criteria which help to evaluate the insulation properties of wooden door glazing.
U-factor defines how much heat is lost through wooden door glass or wooden door as a whole. Therefore it is best to look for wooden doors with the lowest U-factor possible. This is especially relevant for colder climate regions, where heating bills are high.
G-value indicates the amount of solar heat that is allowed to enter the building through the wooden door glass. Depending on the climate, more or less solar heat may be desired. In colder climates, door glazing with high G-value is recommended, since it allows more heat inside the house and thus the house gains passive solar heating. In hot climates, there is a risk of overheating the building in summer, therefore wooden doors with low G-value are recommended. Low G-value glass helps reduce the heat, and the expenses on air-conditioning may be significantly minimized.
Visible Transmittance (VT) is another important coefficient that is worth considering when choosing glass for wooden doors. It measures how much visible light is allowed to enter the building through the wooden door glazing. Usually glass that blocks solar heat (solar control or reflective glass) also reduces visible light, which is not favourable. Generally, the best wooden door glazing is the one which reflects the undesired solar heat, but transmits most of the visible light.
Below are some recommendations for wooden doors glass in various climate areas. This is especially relevant for patio doors, where glass sheets are large.

Thermal Properties of Wooden Door Glazing Recommended in Cold Climates Recommended in Temperate Climates Recommended in Hot Climates
U-factor Low U-factor Low U-factor Not relevant
G-factor High G-factor Not relevant Low G-factor
Visible Transmittance High High High

Clear Float Glass

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is translucent or opaque and therefore gives privacy. Both double glazing and triple glazing can be made with frosted glass. Regardless of the wooden door glazing type, only one frosted glass pane is used (in case of a triple glazing, the frosted glass pane is in the middle). Frosted glass allows light to enter the rooms, but makes the objects behind the glass blurred. The frosted effect is achieved by a special manufacturing technology or by applying a special film on the glass. Frosted glass is used when there is a need for privacy, e.g. wooden doors in the bathroom.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is darker in colour than the usual glass. The colour may vary from grey to brown, green and other colours. There are two ways to produce tinted glass. The colours may be added during the manufacturing process; colorants then become a part of the glass. Alternatively, a film may be applied on the produced glass to make the tinted effect. Wooden doors with tinted glass units are often used in residential areas to increase privacy. Tinted glass glazing units may be double glazed or triple glazed, but usually only one pane of glass is tinted. Other panes of glass are clear float glass, usually with some spectrally selective low-e coating to minimize the heat loss in winter.

Decorative Glass

Safety Glass

Solar Control Glass

Solar control glass reduces the amount of heat that enters the building through the wooden doors. Solar control glass has a special coating which serves as a barrier to prevent the heat penetration. Usually solar control glass for wooden doors has a blue or green colour. Solar control glass is recommended for wooden patio doors with large glass units, especially when they are facing south.

Reflective Glass

Acoustic Glass

Passive House Glass

Extra Clear Glass

Extra clear glass is distinctly more transparent than the usual float clear glass. Normally float glass has a green hue; in the case of extra clear glass, this hue is removed. Extra clear glass is used for specific purposes and is much more expensive.

Self-Cleaning Glass

Self-cleaning glass was invented to make the cleaning easier. Self-cleaning door glass has a special coating which uses the sun and rain to clean the outer surface of the pane. When the sun shines on the pane, the coating starts to decompose the dirt into small particles. When it starts to rain, the coating uses the water to wash away the dirt. This is particularly useful for wooden patio doors, which take time to clean.

Wooden Door Glazing Shapes

Wooden door glazing comes in different shapes and sizes. Our clients may order both standard and non-standard wooden door glazing units (triangle, trapezium or oval-shaped among others). Upon request, wooden door glazing may be decorated by adding door grids such as Georgian bars, which create the impression of a real divided glass wooden door. If you have any questions or wish to order custom made glazing for wooden doors, please contact our staff and we will gladly help you find the best option. When door glazing units are not rectangular, the price is calculated as for the rectangular shape which would fit your chosen door glass shape.

Warm Edge Spacer Bars

Wooden Door Glazing Guarantee

Wooden door glazing comes with a 1-10 year guarantee, depending on the type of glazing chosen. It is stated that during this time, door glazing units will not lose their tightness (no air or dust will enter the cavities); the glass will not crack by itself. Door glazing guarantee is outlined in the agreement to be signed prior to the manufacturing process.

Wooden Window and Door Glazing

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