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Wooden Door Designs

Wooden Door Designs

Wooden doors can be supplied in various designs, ranging from flush wooden doors to panelled wooden doors to hand-carved wooden doors. You can also choose different types of mouldings, side panels, and fanlights. Customize your wooden door to make a statement about your sense of style. Below are some design options for wooden front doors and interior wooden doors.
Flush wooden door is a door with a flat, smooth surface. Flush wooden doors are often used as interior doors, but exterior versions are also possible. The simple design of flush doors will blend in with many types of interior styles and is suitable when other details of the interior are emphasized. The beauty of flush doors can be brought out by using paint. Flush wooden doors can be painted to complement the existing colours or introduce a secondary colour into the interior. The smooth surface of flush doors can also be painted with a distinct pattern to make it the focus of attention.
Panel wooden door has a distinct raised and fielded appearance, that is, the wooden door has a number of square or rectangle-shaped carved elements. Panel doors represent the traditional wooden door construction: it used to be that most interior and exterior doors were made using wood planks taken straight from the tree that had been cut. These planks were used to make the door stiles, rails and occasionally mullions—the basic structure of the wooden door. The empty rectangular spaces that were created by this structure were filled with large wooden boards, or panels. The depth of the panels was smaller than the depth of the wooden door, forming a pattern. Nowadays this panel design is popular and can be used even when the wooden door is constructed using different methods. Panels can be of two types: flat panels and raised and fielded panels. Flat panels are smooth and minimalistic; they are suitable for both traditional and modern buildings. Raised and fielded panels have a more intricate design. They are level to the surface of the wooden door, with sides carved out to make a dimensional effect. In addition to this, a panel can have an arched shoulder design (the top of the panel is curved in an arched shape), characteristic of the continental style. Panel wooden doors are classified as traditional wooden doors, suitable for many traditional buildings.
Raised mouldings are decorative elements on the surface of wooden doors. Typically they are used with panel design wooden doors. The mouldings are typically raised from the surface and so form a depth image of the door.
Side panel is a narrow panel that can be fitted in combination with wooden front doors. Side panels can be with or without glass; they come in many different designs. Side panels are very useful when the door opening is too large for a single-leaf wooden door, but too small for a double-leaf wooden door. In such cases, one or two side panels can be chosen. Besides being functional, side panels help to create an impressive entrance to your property.
Fanlight is a glazed element above the wooden door, usually arched or rectangular. Fanlights often have elaborate window grid designs and are used to create a dramatic entrance. Fanlights can be combined with one or two side panels. Their major advantage is the natural light that is allowed into the foyer.

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